Three large engineering consortia apply for the contract for the STH Master Plan

The French-Spanish ADP and IDOM consortium, the Dutch NACO group and the German-Austrian ILF submitted tenders in the procedure for the contractor of the Master Plan for the Solidarity Transport Hub. Before the end of the year, Solidarity Transport Hub Poland plans to sign an agreement with the Contractor

The procedure for the technical support consultant for the preparation of the STH Masterplan is conducted in the form of a competitive dialog. Three large consortia have submitted tenders, which provide engineering and design services, manage and supervise airport construction in different parts of the world.

The Master Plan is a key pre-design study which determines, i.a., technicalparameters, final location and financing concept of the new airport. This procedure is one of the milestones of the STH, an investment needed by Poland. I am glad that the tenders in the procedure were submitted by companies with such extensive international experience in the execution of infrastructural investments

says Marcin Horała, Deputy Minister of Infrastructure, Government Representative for STH

The Master Plan elements will be: detailed location of the airportandthe concept of staging its construction, which are to be prepared in parallel with environmental and field surveys.

The study will also include, i.a.:

  • air traffic forecasts (taking into account the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the aviation market),
  • capacity analyses of the planned airport infrastructure,
  • operational strategy of the luggage and logistics system
  • and advanced cost and specialist analyses.

The STH Master Plan will ensure the integration of the airport with the rail and road network. Together with the master planner, we will also develop the principles of development of the nearest surroundings of the STH, the so-called Airport City. We will also jointly prepare all other documents necessary to develop the Solidarity Transport Hub Project. If there are no appeals against the tender procedure, this year we will sign an agreement with the selected contractor

says Mikołaj Wild, President of Solidarity Transport Hub Poland

The STH Master Plan will be finished in 2022, but the acceptances of individual components will start next year.

Solidarity Transport Hub Poland required the master planner candidates to be experienced in the preparation of similar documentation: for large hubs, for greenfield infrastructure projects (designed and built from scratch), and for airports supported by rail transport. The Company also verified the financial and economic capacities to perform a contract of such scale as the STH.


ADP Ingénierie is a subsidiary of the ADP Group, which operates airports such as de Gaulle and Orly airports in Paris. The company operates in 20 countries and employs 420 experts in total. It was involved, i.a., in the construction of the Daxing airport in Beijing and the Incheon airport in Seoul. IDOM is a Spanish engineering group with more than 3.8 thousand people working in 45 offices in different parts of the world. This company prepared, i.a., the structural design of Terminal 2 for Heathrow in London. It participated in the development of a master plan for airports i.a. in Manila in the Philippines and Santa Lucia in Mexico.


NACO Netherlands Airport Consultants and Royal HaskoningDHV are consortium members from the Netherlands. Since the beginning of its operations, NACO has been involved in projects at more than 600 airports worldwide, i.a., in the construction of the Daxing airport in Beijing, which was opened last year, and prepared master plans, e.g. for the ports: in the capital city of Mexico and Phnom Penh in Cambodia. Since the 1950s, NACO has worked with Amsterdam-Schiphol airport, the third airport in Europe in terms of the number of passengers (72 million in 2019). Royal Haskoning DHV has its offices in 30 countries and employs more than 5.8 thousand specialists in total.


ILF consulting Engineers is a German-Austrian corporation which has participated in the STH tender in a consortium with amd.sigma. The majority shareholder of the latter is Munich Airport (the only European hub airport awarded five stars in the Skytrax airport quality ranking). ILF is currently preparing an extension concept until 2035 for Terminal 1 of the Munich Airport. The company developed master plans for, i.a., Vienna airport in Austria, Zhengzhou airport in China and Quito airport in Ecuador. Over 50 years, ILF completed over 6 thousand projects in 150 countries. It employs 2.4 thousand people in more than 40 offices on five continents.

In parallel to the master plan procedure, Solidarity Transport Hub Poland conducts the strategic advisor procedure, in which tenders were submitted by two Asian airports in the second half of October this year: Incheon in Seul and Narita in Tokio. The strategic advisor shall provide operational and commercial knowledge for the design, construction and efficient management of a large airport hub. Solidarity Transport Hub Poland plans to select a strategic advisor before the end of the year - similarly as the Masterplan contractor. The advisor contract will be signed for three years, which means that it will cover the planning and design stages of the airport investment.

Both entities – the master planner from Europe and strategic advisor from Asia – will be part of the integrated STH team, which will prepare the construction of the Solidarity Transport Hub.

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