New railway line: Ostrołęka – Łomża – Giżycko. The STH company selected the contractor of the preparatory works

This will be a convenient and fast connection between Masuria and Podlasie to Masovia, including the Solidarity Transport Hub. Thanks to it, Łomża, one of the largest cities in Poland currently deprived of access to passenger trains, will be connected to the railway network. The long-distance railway will commence to be used, among others, by residents of Pisz, Orzysz and Kolno. The STH company selected the most advantageous tender in the tendering procedure. This is one of the eight currently completed procedures for preparatory works for the STH railway lines in various parts of Poland.

The tendering procedure refers to preparatory works for the construction of approx. 140 km section of railway line No. 29: Ostrołęka – Łomża – Giżycko. This is a key fragment of the so-called spoke No. 3 in the north-eastern Poland.

The construction of a new section of line No. 29 between Ostrołęka, Łomża and Giżycko results in significant benefits for passengers. The travel time of trains connecting the central Poland with Podlasie and Masuria will be shortened, thus increasing the tourist potential of the region.

The STH investments will make it possible to supplement the shortages in the railway network in Poland. Today, Łomża is one of the biggest cities in the country without access to passenger railway. After construction of spoke No. 3, this will change and the travel time from Warsaw to Łomża will be 1 hour and 25 minutes. Thus, the objectives of the STH railway investments will be achieved, such as removing traffic exclusion and improving communication in the regions


The subject of the procedure is to prepare the feasibility study (STEŚ). The STH company considered the tender submitted by the consortium of the following companies to be the most advantageous: Egis Polska, Egis Rail and JAF Geotechnika, which proposed the price of netPLN 20.1 million. Two factors determined the selection: price (in 70%) and staff experience (in 30%).

As part of the STEŚ, an analysis of the routes of the planned railway line and other specialized studies: technical, environmental and economic will be prepared. On their basis, the STH company will indicate the preferred routeof the line (the so-called investor's option) in the scope necessary for further preparation.

Once all formalities are completed, the company shall sign an agreement with the contractor which will have 14 months to prepare the key three stages of the STEŚ. The performance and settlement of the entire agreement may take in total 19 months, as the contract also includes geological documentation and maps for design purposes.

The construction of spoke No. 3: STH – Warsaw – Tłuszcz – Wyszków – Ostrołęka – Łomża – Pisz – Giżycko will result in numerous benefits for passengers. For example, Łomża, Kolno, Pisz and Orzysz will be incorporated into the long-distance connections’ network. The line will ensure shortening of the travel from Warsaw: to Ostrołęka to one hour, to Łomża to 1 hour and 15 minutes, to Kolno – to one hour and a half, to Pisz – to 1 hour and 45 minutes, to Orzysz –  to 2 hours and to Giżycko – to 2 hours and 15 minutes. Moreover, capacity for regional and freight services will increase on existing railway lines.

According to the programme, the first construction works between Ostrołęka and Łomża are expected to commence in 2023 and last until the end of 2027.

This is not the last investment of STH in this region. The STH company also undertook to co-finance the preparatory works carried out by the local governments for the transverse modernisation of local railway line No. 223 from Orzysz through Mikołajki, Mrągowo and Biskupiec to Czerwonka. The investment was qualified for the second stage of the recruitment under the Railway+Programme, which is being implemented by PKP PLK.

Thanks to the investments related to the STH in the Podlaskie Voivodeship, approx. 56 km of new railway lines will be constructed and approx. 265 km will be modernised. Thus, more than one million residents of the voivodeship will then be within the range of railway lines. For the Warmińsko-Mazurskie Voivodeship, these figures will amount, respectively, to: approx. 74 km, 208 km and 1.2 million residents.

The scope of the works and their progress, the adopted programmes and details of the tasks prepared, including, among others, the assumed travel times and benefits for passengers, can be tracked on the website and in social media under #KolejNaPolske hashtag.

The STH Railway Programme assumes that almost 1,800 km of new lines are to be constructed by the end of 2034. These investments consist of a total of 12 railway routes, including 10 “spokes” leading from various regions of Poland to Warsaw and the STH.

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