Invitation for stakeholders to participate in strategic requirements consultation process for Solidarity Airport

Solidarity Transport Hub Poland (STH) is issuing an invitation for stakeholders to declare their participation in the process of consulting strategic requirements for the planned “Solidarity” airport. The invitation as well as the whole consultation process will be based on following Terms of Reference.

Purpose, scope, final product

STH begins the process of consulting strategic requirements for the infrastructure elements of the planned "Solidarity" airport. As a result of previous work, 125 infrastructure elements were identified, divided into 5 main categories - Airside, Landside, Airport Support Elements, Complementary, Blue-sky thinking.

The purpose of the consultation process is to verify and complete the initial requirements based on knowledge, professional assessment and experience of stakeholders.

The invitation is addressed to industry stakeholders conducting business activity or having expert knowledge in the scope subject to consultation.

The scope of the consultation process is defined. A common template with strictly defined structure, scope of information and level of detail has been prepared for each of the 125 airport infrastructure elements. Stakeholders will be able to submit comments, changes and additions to the entire content of the Strategic Brief in all parts falling within the competence scope appropriate for individual stakeholders. Comments will be submitted electronically using the form prepared by STH via the provided link.

The result of the consultation will be the Strategic Brief for the airport, constituting the basis for the development of the Detailed Brief for the purposes of work on the Master Plan of the airport.

The whole process is advisory. Comments submitted may or may not be included in the further stage of works. The STH's priority is to take into account representative requirements for all categories of stakeholders, but it cannot be ruled out that some compromises will be necessary.


The following scheme presents a flowchart of the Strategic Brief consultation process. The particular stages of the process are described below.

1. Stakeholders registration

The condition for participation in the consultation process is registration. It can be done by filling out the Registration Request Form in *.xlsx format followed by signing by authorized person and sending the scan of signed NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement)  to the STH e-mail address ([email protected]). The mentioned documents are available below.

In the event that the NDA is signed on behalf of a legal entity (e.g. commercial partnership or company), please provide scanned copies of the documents certifying signatory powers of a person who executes the NDA (excerpt from commercial register, power of attorney etc.). The said documents should be made available in Polish or English language- in case of required translation, sworn translation is preferred.

Signing the NDA and provision thereof in a form of scanned copy (which results in a commitment not to make any of conceptual, study, pre-design, design documentation or any other information directly or indirectly connected with the STH consultation process available to third parties without previous authorization by the STH) is a necessary condition for registration. Without the executed NDA document your participation in the consultation process will not be allowed.

Registration begins August 19, 2019.

Due to the size of the document (the volume of the Strategic Brief is about 360 pages), and thus the time necessary to read the document and formulate comments, the registration process ends on October 7, 2019. We recommend applying for participation in the consultation process as soon as possible.

By registering, you accept the terms of participation.

2. Applications verification process

All applications for the consultation process will be subject to verification in terms of relevance of specialization and experience. Accepted will be applications from legal or natural persons conducting ongoing business operations or having documented expert knowledge in one of five categories of airport infrastructure being subject to consultations.

The STH may ask the applicants for references.

The STH reserves the right to limit the number of entities invited to participate in the consultation without giving any reason.

Stakeholders who will successfully go through the registration process will then be informed of the result of verification within 7 calendar days from the date of registration. The verification result is definitive.

Stakeholders invited to the consultation process may resign from participation at any time and request their data to be removed from the STH stakeholders database.

Participation in the consultation process is voluntary and free of charge.

3. Access to the Strategic Brief

The consultation process in the STH will be conducted by the Consultation Team. Contact details of the members of the Consultation Team will be made available to the participants of the consultations.

Stakeholders invited to the consultation process (hereinafter referred to as "consultation participants") will receive by e-mail (on the same day they are informed about the positive verification of the registration application) a link and password to the folder dedicated to each consultation participant in which the Strategic Brief and Remarks Submission Form will be made available.

Access to the folder is available only to the STH Consultation Team and the particular consultation participant (other participants do not have access to it).

4. Formulating and submitting comments

Each consultation participant may submit any number of comments to any number of elements of the Strategic Brief.


Comments should ONLY be submitted using the Remarks Submission Form prepared by the STH Consultation Team.

Only comments submitted using this Form will be considered.

When completing the Remarks Submission Form, please follow the instructions provided. Only comments provided in accordance with the instructions will be considered.

Both the structure of the Strategic Brief and the division of the document into individual airport infrastructure elements are not subject to consultation.

In case of any doubts related to the formulation and submission of remarks, the Consultation Team is at your disposal and ready to help throughout the entire consultation process.

The STH may organize thematic panels as part of the consultation process. The STH will select individual participants for the thematic panels according to the topics discussed and in a number not exceeding 2 representatives for each invited entity.

Information on the thematic panels will be sent 14 days before the planned date of the meeting. Invited participants should confirm their presence not later than 7 days before the date of the meeting.

5. Provision of final remarks by the stakeholders

Consultation participants provide their remarks by placing the Remarks Submission Form, completed in accordance with the instructions, in a folder dedicated to each participant (the same from which the Strategic Brief was downloaded).

The consultation process ends on 31st October 2019.

Comments submitted after 31st October 2019 will not be accepted.

6. Consideration of remarks

After 31st October 2019, the Consultation Team will begin the verification process of remarks submitted by the consultation participants.


Let's care for the environment

Files such as the Registration Form, Strategic Brief and Remarks Submission Form can be saved, viewed, completed and then sent without printing. Please, consider it.

STH Team

Please note that in order to participate in the consultation, you have to complete the registration form correctly and sign the confidentiality agreement.


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